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Maximum number of original English videos(or articles) that can be published


If you publish 300 orignial English videos within 1 year, this will make 300*104=31200 videos in total, for all the language versions.

Maximum Size for each video


Multi-Language Auto Translation

Automatically tranlate the title and content of your video or article into 103  languages! 

* only English is allowed for title and content when publishing.

No ads or watermark

Play video in your own site


You can cite any uploaded video in your own official website,  by copying the video sharing code.

* Only 1 site is allowed, which is the official website you input in your member center.

Setup your own website 

with 104 languages


You can use a third party Data Acquisition Software, to automatically acquire all your gofair video data to your own site, to setup a website with 104 languages!

* You need to look for aquisition software by yourself in your local market.

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