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Introduction of gofair

◆Brief Introduction:

Product: Gofair(Global Online Fair) is a video website. You can publish videos or articles of your product.

Company: Established in 2008, Gofair Inc. is currently operating in San Jose (Silicon Valley), CA, U.S.A.

Sites: We have 2 sites: gofair and TRANSAUTO

Investors: Gofair is invested by various venture capitals.

Goal: Gofair is striving to use online video to replace traditional exhibitions.

◆GOFAIR Features:

Multi-Language Auto Translation: from English into 103 worldwide languages.

No Ads or Watermark: on your video or article.

No Other Member's Link: can only search YOUR publishing on your page.

User Flexibility: User can publish video/article/picture;Page is adaptable to computer/phone/PAD.

Fast Loading: With cloud servers running in various parts of the world, you will always be auto-forwarded to Gofair's nearest server to enjoy fast loading or uploading of videos. 

Share: user can easily share video to his own official site, as well as to Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

◆gofair FAQ:

GOFAIR is suitable for what line of business?

Gofair is designed for international trading companies, who wish to demonstrate products through online commercial videos. Although currently most of our members are in machinery business, gofair is in fact suitable for many other industries too, such as: education, consulting, tourism etc.

Why GOFAIR is effective in promotion?

GOFAIR combines Multi-Language Marketing and Short Video Marketing, both of which are currently most effective in global marketing.

There are hundreds of languages in the world, each language has at least millions of speakers(even though most of these languages you may not have heard of). Multi-language is a powerful marketing tool into those markets you may not have expected for.

Where to find good videos?

Have you ever used mobile phone to record your product? These just will be perfect promotion videos for your potential customer. 

Do I have to publish in English?

Yes. This is to achieve maximum auto-translation accuracy.

The dialogue of my video is in my local language, can GOFAIR translate that too?

Gofair will only translate the title and content of your video. The dialogue of the video can NOT be translated, that is why you should always explain the video to your viewers as good as you can in the content area. 

Can I leave my contacts?

You can leave your contacts in any form, such as email/phone number/website etc. 

Actually you can preset contacts in the member center area, so your contacts will be added automatically at the bottom of your EACH video or article.

Is GOFAIR's system similar to those auto translation browser plugins?

GOFAIR does NOT use any plugin, we GENUINELY translate every article into individual article in each language. With translation browser plugin, the translated version can NOT be included by any search engine. And those plugins are not so stable anyway.

Why online fair?

Forget about all the expense and trouble from the traditional exhibition fair.

GOFAIR's online booth will be open everyday to potential customers from all over the world, and all your trade leads will be exactly in their local languages!

Can I establish a multilingual website by using my gofair product videos?

Yes you can, and you should!

This process is called Data Acquisition. You can use software to automatically copy your gofair video code to your own website. Then your website can have product videos in 104 languages without any extra cost. 

Do I have to pay to publish on gofair?

GOFAIR is designed for commercial use, you have to join paid membership to publish any video or article. 

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