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Gofair Hands-Free Plan™

Gofair Hands-Free Plan™ Page

Brief Introduction:

Gofair is the world leading platform in video auto-marketing projects.

Company: Gofair Inc. is currently operating in San Jose (Silicon Valley), CA, U.S.A.

Members: 12500+ members from 100+ countries

Basic Function: video uploading and marketing

4 Auto-Marketing Modules of Gofair Hands-Free Plan™:

Auto-Translation: from English into 104 worldwide languages. Learn More

Youtube Auto-Forward: multilingual videos auto-forwarded(uploaded) to your youtube channel. Learn More

Auto-Synchro™:all your published gofair multilingual videos to your own official website. Learn More

Auto Video Edit: adds customized English Caption and Dubbing for Plan B members. Learn More

Gofair FAQ:

GOFAIR is suitable for what line of business?

Gofair is designed for international trading companies, who wish to demonstrate products through online commercial videos. 

Although currently most of our members are from industry, gofair is in fact suitable for many other type of business too, such as: education, consulting, tourism etc.

Why GOFAIR is effective in promotion?

GOFAIR combines Multi-Language Marketing and Short Video Marketing, both of which are currently most effective in global marketing.

About half of the product search is not in English!

With Gofair's Youtube Auto-Forward Module, 3000 multilingual videos will bring even more global customers.

Where to find good videos?

Have you ever used mobile phone to record your product? These just will be perfect promotion videos for your potential customer.

Do I have to publish in English?

Yes. This is to achieve maximum auto-translation accuracy.

The dialogue of my video is in my local language, can GOFAIR translate that too?

Gofair will only translate the title and content of your video. The dialogue of the video can NOT be translated. 

The best way is to join our Plan B, then gofair will add English Dubbing and English Caption to your video. See example

Can I leave my contacts?

You can leave your contacts in any form, such as email/phone number/website hyperlink etc. 

Actually you can preset contacts in the member center area, so your contacts will be added automatically at the bottom of your EACH video.

Is GOFAIR's system similar to those auto translation browser plugins?

GOFAIR does NOT use any translating plugin, we GENUINELY translate title&content of each video into individual language. 

With translation plugin, the translated version can NOT be included by any search engine. And those plugins are not so stable anyway.

Can I establish a multilingual website by using my gofair product videos?

Our Auto-Synchro™ can help you with that very easily.

Do I have to pay to publish on gofair?

GOFAIR is designed for commercial use, you have to join paid membership to publish any video. 

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Items Plan A Plan B Membership Fee USD 4350 /yea r Buy Now USD 8700 /year Buy Now Max. Videos Upload to gofair 300/year 300 original English version 300/year 300 original English version Max. Size of Each Video 500MB accept any video file f

Terms of Use

1. Your relationship with Gofair 1.1 The Terms form a legally binding agreement between you and Gofair in relation to your use of the Service. It is important that you take the time to read them carefully. 1.2 The Terms apply to all users o