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Member Agreement

Member Agreement

* Member should use GOFAIR as only commercial use to promote product or service.

* If member publish article (or referring to product) in violation of law or rights, Fofair's admin has the right to delete these articles.

* Gofair has the liability to guarantee server or system stable, however Gofair will not be responsible for force majeure.

* User should know: Auto-translation and Auto-forwarding service are not 100% successful. They have currently around 95% success rate.

* All paid members will get aftersales service, there may be a delay of our reply as much as 24hrs due to time zone difference.

* Once the membership fee is paid, it cannot be refunded.

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Item Paid Membership Member Fee USD2260 /year Buy Now! Maximum number of original English videos(or articles) that can be published 300 /year * If you publish 300 orignial English videos within 1 year, this will make 300*104= 31200 videos i

Introduction of gofair

the only platform that combines Video Marketing Multilingual Marketing ◆Brief Introduction: Product: Gofair(Global Online Fair) is both a video website. You can publish videos or articlesof your product. Company: Gofair Inc. is register